“Happy wife, happy life” is a saying people kept saying to me before I got married.  I’m not sure I buy the hype, unless making the husband happy is what makes your wife happy. However, if the saying is true the look on Jessy’s face says our marriage is off to a good start. Just look at that smile. She is either very happy with the wedding, or happy she is about to pick up a knife and cut something.. equally possible.

To our friends that could not make the wedding Dubrovnik has been fantastic. We got in the Thursday before the festivities started. I got sick and stayed inside to recoup. Jessy did not get sick and went out to explore and party like a rock star. She partied with many a guest at an EDM club inside the walls of the castle by the south gate until 2 or 3 AM. She was sweet though and ordered a pizza for me for delivery and some dissolvable vitamin C pills, which will became a travel staple to ward off sickness. Side note, the pizza was AMAZING. So note to all, if the waterfalls, beaches, castles, history, and general cheapness of Croatia don’t convince you to come then as a pizza lover give it a chance. 😉

Sorry no pictures or vids yet of the amazingness of Dubrovnik.  I was too busy being sick and we were too busy getting married to take many. We did have photographers so we can post some shots after the  photographer finishes his sets. That said here are some highlights

There were fireworks .. which we borrowed from another party.

I got my pirate ship, but jessy was the captain.

Beaches were awesome

The venue was beautiful .. almost as much as my wife.

Things got a little crazy .. and of course I stripped to my underwear because tequila makes my clothes fall off.

And no one died. Although my Dad who never drinks got wasted. So much so he could barely walk. So maybe almost a death.  Apparently people kept giving him shots and I don’t think he knew what he was drinking. Good news Dad is people think you are super sweet as a drunk.

So with all that the next stage of our lives begins. We are start by joining a tourist bus with Jessy’s parents and a bunch of their friends to hit up some spots in Croatia before heading off to Budapest.





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