Ok, Its been 3 months since we’ve started our adventure and we have been running around like crazy people. So much so that we have not gotten our blog up and running.  Admittedly, it is completely my fault. Always the engineer and product manager looking for perfection and thinking we should customize some aspects of the blog, but never having the combination of time, energy,  internet, and electricity to do it.  At least I did follow Tom Shields advice and not focus on letting the blog get in the way of the travel.


That said Jessy and I are stationary in Bangkok for about two weeks so now is the time. I’m going to keep it simple so we don’t have to maintain custom work write out what we’v accomplished this quarter. That is all that we have seen,  experienced, been dieing to share, and how we have grown. At least we will share the portions of it that won’t get us into too much trouble, or get us banned from returning to any of the countries that we have left. I’m also going to try and backdate the post so to someone that anyone reading the other post without reading this one first won’t know that I’m cheating. 😉

With that the blog post start, and the test of how good our memory is begins.

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