Although I’ve never done crack I would imagine Krka is much more exhilarating, more fun with friends, definitely healthier, and all and all more satisfying then the drug whose name sounds so similar. I have some amazing, ( although likely shaky) 3D videos of krka that you can attempt to watch, but let me paint a picture of what it looks like hear and why you all should check it out.

The journey to the falls starts off with a hike down the a trail to the river bed. Its not a long walk and you can opt to take a bus down instead, but we lacked the patience to wait and the desire to get crammed into a bus with all the other tourist.  The hike down isn’t bad and it has some nice views, but nothing spectacular as the trees block any landscape vantage points. Once you get down you can start down the main trail. The main trail starts on the high ground and you walk along an elevated wooden platform that follows a small flowing river that flows from aquamarine pond to aquamarine pond, with small and medium sized cascading waterfalls in between each.

If you are vigilant and leave the wooden path you can find a great overlook that is above the man river and the upper falls. I found this view by myself because I was being  looser and playing with my new 3D camera and got way behind the rest of the group. Would have been a great couple shot. You can click on the image below to get a full blown view of this section of the river.

It all culminates when you get to the base which has a large river/lake with turquoise-clear water with one with one side completely covered with 8 foot waterfalls. Next to the river/lake are food stands selling eastern sausage and fries. What’s most unique about the location is what is in the lake. People! You can jump in the water and swim around in the gentle river right up to the falls. Additional bonus is the river has large rocks you can sit on to bask in the sun and just soak in the environment.


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