We left Lake Khovsgol and traveled onward to our next destination. It again would be two days of driving with a waypoint stopover for the night. The drive, like many the other days was mostly spent reading or listening to ebooks. Mongolia is a great place to catch up on reading with no internet and hours in the car.  There were seven items of significance did happen the first day. Its unfortunate that most of them were recorded in videos that I don’t have due to my broken phone.

First, it was moving day. On the way to our first village we drove through a throng of families that were moving from their fall spot to their winter spot. It was about four miles of back to back horses, oxen and goats and people.  For each family there would be a set of oxen carrying components of the ger and household items on their backs. Some of the families had horses they would ride, but most of them were walking and shepherding their animals by foot. The animals flooded the route we meant to take so as we drove bimba would constantly honk and you would see the sheep, goat, cows, and yaks part in front of the car. It was near biblical.

The second item of significance of the day was the car started making strange sounds.  We had gone over some rocks and afterwards the car started making a clanking noise. We pulled over and Bimba checked over the car for about an hour and a half. While he worked it over Jessy and I went into a nearby dried river bed and looked at rocks. Looking at rocks means picking them up and smashing them to see if they have gemstones inside. Eventually we got bored of this and Jessy snuck up a hill into a herd of sheep and sat down while I went back to help look over the car.

A third item was when we passed another of those stone piles we learned a bit more about them. I’ve posted some wood teepee piles in earlier post. Essentially Mongolians have a tradition where they pile whatever is near up and make wishes. The way it works is you grab three of the resource of choice, in this case stones, and then you walk clockwise around the structure with each loop adding your a stone to it and making a wish in your head. These structures are everywhere in Mongolia.

The fourth item of significance, well entertainment, was Jessy chasing around a flock of sheep for 20 minutes. Jessy really wants to hug a baby sheep so she tries her hardest to. I had a great recording of her sprint, nearly getting one, and then sulk that she missed only to suddenly perk up and sprint again. It was super cute. I really hope I’ll be able to retrieve these videos in the States when we get back.

The fifth item of significance is we got semi-lost. We were not lost per say, but we didn’t know how best to go around a certain mountain to get to the town we were supposed to go to.  I have a picture of the locals Bimba asked for directions. After asking he cut through the field and found a “plank” to use to cross a river bed to get back on the dirt road that was in the area.

The sixth item of significance is Jessy saw a cave in the distance and wanted to go check it out. City girl in the wild doesn’t know what tends to be in caves; we checked it out and none the less. The cave was small and filled with garbage. In front of the cave there were some dog prints in the snow and a bloody hoof.

The seventh item of significance was instead of going to our planned ger camp we ended up staying at a family home whose husband/father was out of town on business. Again it is just how Mongolia is, crazy shit happens but people are really hospitable. The house was really nice with a big TV and valuable trinkets around the house. It was a well off family. Of course there was still an outhouse instead of a bathroom. The wife was a teacher, and the father of the wife lived in the other building on the property.

Around 6 the two kids came home and watched TV and played games. I thought them how to play Egyptian war and played for a few hours. The little boy was too young to really play and would just slap around the cards and smile. The girl picked it up and kept getting annoyed at her brother. During this time Jessy was catching up on her reading and playing with the lego type toy that the kids had. After a good nights sleep we left this small town and headed to our next stop.

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